Sustainability starts with good data


Fishency360 is a hardware and software solution for fish welfare that monitors fish health, lice, and growth in the pen. With a 360° view, the entire surface of every passing fish will be scanned and analysed. Fishency uses technology to promote affordable sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.


Lice detection, categorization and counting on the entire surface of the fish


Passive identification of biomass and tracking growth


Tracks welfare indicators and health of individual fish

Fishency360 offers continuous and passive monitoring of live salmon in the cage. Sharp pictures in a controlled environment combined with machine learning make digital fish welfare monitoring a reality.

Fishency360 - A new way to monitor salmon


The Ocean's potential

The ocean is crucial to meet the increasing demand for food to the growing population in the world. Only two percent of today's food originate from the ocean


Aquaculture has a very low carbon footprint and can play an important role in feeding the ever-increasing global population

Healthy food

There is a growing focus on healthy food. Salmon can be key to a healthy diet, as it contains high-grade protein and is a good source of omega-3, vitamins, and minerals

Fish welfare

All animals farmed by humans should be treated with respect and protected from unnecessary harm. Fish health and welfare shall be in line with the highest standards

Aquaculture has an enormous potential and will play a crucial part in tomorrow's food production. In Norway, the world's largest salmon producing country utilizing free and sustainable energy in the form of water exchange using open cages in sheltered fjords. However, all biological challenges must be controlled. Fishency wants to automate fish welfare monitoring and help promote prediction and prevention rather than treatment. Our goal is to help the industry become more proactive.

Fishency wants to protect nature and the environment in line with the UN sustainable development goals. To ensure safe and healthy production of food from the ocean, one must ensure good management of resources and the environment. Fishency is continuously working to contribute to this. 

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