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Our first outside angel investor, Arne Roland joins Fishency as Chairman

Arne Roland, former Regional Director of CHC Helikopter Service, professional investor and board member, joins Fishency as Chairman of the Board and first outside angel investor. Mr. Roland has 25 years of experience in various leadership and board positions, across oil & gas, aviation and property development.

As the first outside investor, Mr. Roland brings a strategic investment to help accelerate the next phase of Fishency’s development. Fishency is currently developing its in-house solution for automated sea lice counting, combined with data-driven services, working closely with strategic partners and early-stage customers.

"I find the growth potential in the global aquaculture industry to be staggering, and Fishency’s combined hardware and data solution can be a real game-changer in the industry. I am truly excited to join the team", says Mr. Roland.

Click here to read an article in on Arne's involvement with the company.

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