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Fishency’s primary goal is to accurately detect and categorize the level of sea lice infection in salmon cages and provide a decision support system for better control of the parasite. We have developed Fishency360, a hardware and software solution based on computer vision and machine learning to capture 360-degree view of individual fish at different depths in the water column.

Sharp and high-resolution images of individual fish are used to detect and categorize sea lice. Moreover, the images are used to measure growth and to detect health issues like winter ulcers, cataracts, scale loss, and other skin damages at an early stage. Fishency360 can be applied to traditional open sea farming as well as land-based and offshore. 

One cage, one Fishency360. A simple and affordable solution, providing farmers and veterinarians remote access to high-quality fish health data.


360° view


  • Controlled environment and high-quality images

  • Analysis of the entire surface of every fish

  • Actual sea lice count, not a prediction from one-sided images of the fish

  • Close-up images of fish for health monitoring, for early warnings and preventive measures


  • Follow trends with real-time

  • Daily data instead of weekly

  • Daily control of fish health and welfare

  • Decision support for preventive measures

  • Easy to use and easy access to data

  • Early warnings reduce the total number of treatments

All data collected from the cage will be accessible for the farmer, with corresponding images



Our business model ​is based on leasing with a monthly fee. The subscription gives you access to our web platform where you can read the real-time data collected by Fishency360. All data can be imported into your preferred software through open APIs. 

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In Fishency we believe that in order to control sea lice, we need proper monitoring without stressful handling of the fish. We want to ensure fish welfare by automating the sea lice counting, thus removing the manual approach and its challenges. In doing so we create a long-term solution to fight sea lice by focusing on monitoring and prevention rather than treatment.

Our primary focus is on the sea lice challenge, but we will gradually include more functions like;

  • Biomass measurements

  • Skin deformities

  • Winter ulcers

  • Fin or eye damages

  • Monitoring of fish environment and overall fish health

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