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Automated sea lice counting

A low-cost solution based on data-driven technology

We are developing SmartFunnel to automate sea lice counting, removing the manual approach and associated challenges. In doing so we create a long-term solution to fight against sea lice, by focusing on monitoring and prevention rather than treatment. 

The SmartFunnel is a specially designed, built and patent-pending piece of hardware which contains a camera system and other technologies that we plan to keep secret! By installing a Fishency360 into the cages we can take 360-degree photos of the fish as they swim through the funnel. These images are stored, transferred and processed using machine learning that identifies the sea lice. The result is daily sea lice data available through our web-platform.


360 degree image


Image processing


Store & transfer


Report generation

Using data-driven technology Fishency360 offers enhanced accuracy, repeat-ability, larger sample sizes, continuous monitoring, low costs, and little disturbance.

Our primary focus is the sea lice challenge,  but the final version of Fishency360 will offer much more and function as a fish welfare platform, including:

  • Biomass measurement

  • Skin deformities

  • Winter ulcers

  • Fin or eye damages

  • Monitoring of fish environment and overall fish health

Our focus is to collect high-quality data which will increase the productivity of a farm. We provide the data the industry require for reliable and predictive analytics of fish welfare issues.

“The key to controlling sea lice begins with proper monitoring”

 Dr Marit Stormoen, Marine Harvest Group